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It is used during worship in Hindu temples throughout the world.

In Newar Buddhism, it is used in all monasteries, while Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhist religious texts and sutras are in Sanskrit as well as vernacular languages.

India's first modern fighter aircraft is named HAL Tejas.

Scholars often distinguish Vedic Sanskrit and Classical or "Pāṇinian" Sanskrit as separate dialects.

Evidence for such a theory includes the close relationship between the Indo-Iranian tongues and the Baltic and Slavic languages, vocabulary exchange with the non-Indo-European Uralic languages, and the nature of the attested Indo-European words for flora and fauna.

The earliest attested Sanskrit texts are religious texts of the Rigveda, from the mid-to-late second millennium BCE.

Jain texts are written in Sanskrit, Many of India's and Nepal's scientific and administrative terms are named in Sanskrit.

The Indian guided missile program that was commenced in 1983 by the Defence Research and Development Organisation has named the five missiles (ballistic and others) that it developed Prithvi, Agni, Akash, Nag and the Trishul missile system.

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