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The organization subsequently introduced the woman to a rabbi, known as the ‘magician’ for his persuasive abilities, who convinced her that a relationship with a non-Jew wasinappropriate and must end.When a different Jewish woman from the illegal settlement of Beitar Illit wascaught walking alongside her boyfriend, a Palestinian busdriver, Lehava activists pushed her, spat on her and cursed her, according to allegations of the Israeli police.The law also opposed ‘mixed’ educational institutes or gatherings and proposed separate beaches.

In the same wedding, right-wing members were seenwaving knives in the air in an ecstatic dance.

Gopshtain explained that the men “decided to care about their sister and help her.” Indeed, the police suspected that a conference conducted by Lehava earlier that week incited the men to attack.

Gopshtain proudly claimed that there is growing awareness on the issue of intermarriage and that “we tell everyone to tell an Arab that he has nothing to look for in a Jewish woman and to tell her we are willing to help her to stop such a relationship.” Gopshtain also opposed a Israeli TV series which depicted an Arab woman dating a Jewish man, saying such a scenario is unlikely as the woman would likely get killed.

He also expressed sympathy for Israeli youth who attacked Palestinian men who supposedly tried to pursue Jewish women.

The organization distributes stickers posted in various places stating in Hebrew and in Arabic a thinly-disguised warning: ‘Don’t even dare to think about going out with a Jewish woman’.

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