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He started copying drawings of his favorite cartoonists and comics at school. LOVE YOUR WORK TRULY GENIUS:):):) The giant muscles and boobs are very off-putting on all of these.

At that time, manga and videogames were a huge hit and as such became a huge inspiration. This person needs to get back to basics and pull away from the mediocrity…the same body with different hair and eyes over and over again gets boring.

I pretty much love all myths and legends, so I can’t choose just one of them to be my favorite… In mythology, they were seen as more powerful than the gods, so I think they should make the board as well. Fantasy art of mythological characters designs throughout history. Like the rest of them, I to really love the pictures on here. The general public loves this garbage, but those who know what to look for to differentiate good and bad art know that this guy is an overrated hack. Where by altogether different might I am that type of info written in this type of perfect approach?

The illustrations you’ve made so far are amazing interpretations of the characters! Like the rest of them, I to really love the pictures on here. i request add indian god krishna,shiv,vishnu,ram,and indian. [...] Shit anatomy (I can’t emphasize that enough), overdone rendering, bad color sense, and terrible anime faces, especially on the women. it would be great if you incluede prehispanic mythology, for example, Quetzalcoatl, or perhaps an Aztec Eagle Warrior. I get a endeavor that we’re simply at this point running on, and i also happen to be with the glance away intended for such data. Com) Major online games publisher Bigpoint has revealed new information, and an in-game footage trailer, for their upcoming MMO, Drakensang Online.

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Much as I can’t do any better and, accordingthe Rules of the Internet, have no right to have a negative opinion, I have to express extreme dislike for Genzoman’s work. Your art is extremely impressive im an artist myself ive enjoyed your view of all mythical beings. Loxasha, the reason all of these are built so is because theyre in the style of a comic book not realism. I feel he exaggerates everything to hide his many flaws to the general public… 90% of the picture is nothing but other pictures copy/pasted, collage anyone? The way you portrayed the characters were really impeccable. My favorite god is Osiris, can you make an illustration of him? She was also accompanied by her siblings SUSANOO, the storm deity, and TSUKUYOMI, the moon deity.

We lived further away in Puyallup but finally could not afford it any longer.

Off post near base- unsafe neighborhoods, looks horrible, scared to even drive through some places!

please try to find thanks hi sir nice artwork its awesome wooooooooooh its nice interpretation of all mythology in different country, can i have a request, if you don’t mind, we have also a mythology here in the Philippines called Bangkayo, its vampire here in Philippines. My web blog – league of angels cheats; Isidro, I read a lot of interesting posts here.

Otherwise though, truly inspirational work :) keep doing what ur doing : D only SA can have this kind of talent : P Sorry about all the haters out there, I love your art work, it is crisp and to the point.

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