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I was walking by his locker yesterday right as he was getting a book out, so he didn’t see me behind him.

I miss washing dogs with you, even though we end up getting more dog shampoo on ourselves than on them. Was it because of, well, what we did at the kissing booth, at the end of the party? You said something about how you don't even know me.

Between a nasty rumor at school and me not telling much about my personal life, she doesn't trust me. Whenever I try to talk to her in class, she seems down and kind of distracted, like something is really bothering her.

I'm starting to worry about her, and I really miss our friendship. -Massively Cruddy Friend --------------------------------------------------------- The letter Brandon sent to Nikki: Hi Nikki, It's Brandon.

Brandon: Hot fudge on the side, with whipped cream?

And that would just be creepy if he talked about his grandmother that way.

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