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But what if these cute threats turn into something darker or more bitter or agonizing?[Read: 21 emotionally abusive tricks your partner may be using on you to make you feel weak and helpless] Do you think you have what it takes to take a stand and decline something if you think it would go against your principles or wishes?You feel really guilty each time you turn their request down.You feel so bad that you can’t even look them in their eyes because of all the guilt you’re carrying.You may think giving in is a sign of true love, or you may assume that’s what lovers do when they love their partner unconditionally.But really, is saying ‘no’ against the principle of true love?When your partner asks you to do something for them, you may be able to muster your courage and say ‘no’. You feel guilty for being idle and relaxed when you could be doing something to please your partner or make them happy. You believe you’re obligated to doing something for your partner.

[Read: 16 reasons why you’re so easily manipulated and taken for granted by people around you] Use these 14 signs, and ask yourself if you feel any of these symptoms around your partner, or in your relationship. Just the thought of turning them down or saying no seems like a crazy idea, and you feel helpless and weak each time you even try to say it.[Read: Should you make this person your priority when you’re only an option to them? You just can’t lie to your partner or anyone else that’s manipulating you, even if you know you’ll never get caught.You can’t tell your partner you’re busy or you’re too occupied to do something for them. You think you’ll seem like a selfish person for not helping them in their troubles.Recognizing a manipulative lover How does your partner react to you when you decline them for something?Do they accept your decision respectfully when they realize you’re being serious?

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