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We ask He and She: Whether that sexy stranger gives you the brush-off or your hot new date stops returning your calls, rejection - in all its ugly forms - sucks. Want to re-ignite the sexual fire in your relationship? But you don't have to travel so far from home or spend a lot of money to reap the romantic benefits of traveling together.Q: My husband and I would like to experiment with playacting some fantasies together, but we're both shy about making the first move and suggesting an actual fantasy. Relationships get their starts in all kinds of ways.You can be friends who try to make a go of it romantically, or you can be lovers who try to make a relationship out of your carnal connection.

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But at the same time there are many classes I'd rather never think about again.

Yet this company has told me personally that they tend to hire more mechanical engineers than aerospace engineers. This may sting a little for aerospace engineers, so that's my warning.

The reason is that if you graduate with a BS degree in aerospace, you probably aren't going to be designing a wing for a plane anytime soon, unless you keep going on to graduate school.

I have spoken with an aerospace corporation at the career fair at my university on multiple occasions.

Our university has majors for mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering.

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