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Alabama is a sprawling, beautiful southern state that is known for a lot of attractions. This state is so magnificently preserved that almost everything that you see is tinged with an old world elegance that is infused with rich southern culture and hospitality.

This combination can give you an amazing feeling of easy comfort, that feeling that you are somehow at home most especially when you see the smiling faces of the locals as they cook gastronomical delights that can satisfy the tummy and can nurture the soul while you bask in the surreal old fashioned beauty of the state.

This shows a wide array of memorial centers and exhibits, a great way to learn the hardships that the state has endured in the past.

Alabama Beaches Did you know that Alabama houses a lot of magnificent beach resorts, all in one long stretch on the Gulf Coast? This place is not only known for its historical sites but it is also famous for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, a total eye candy for anyone who want to escape the hustles and bustles of the city life.

Take your pick, you can go to Gulf Shores wherein you can enjoy a sumptuous meal of fresh seafood while you go boat-riding over its calm shores, you can visit the Orange Beach if you want to sunbathe on their perfectly refined white sands, or simply marvel at the minimalist ambience of Dauphin Island.

Alabama’s population has a predominant mixture of African American (twenty-six percent) and English (twenty-four percent).

Other roots include Irish (around eight percent), German (five percent), and Scottish (two percent).

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