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We’ve split the Panasonic range into three categories.

Panasonic has for a long time pushed its cameras’ capabilities when it comes to mobile phone viewing.

One area where the phones are let down is configuration of view-based settings such as exposure and motion detection windows.

Creating such windows requires keyboard inputs on the live view page which cannot be replicated on a mobile device.

If you are trying to connect remotely or there is no wireless link available, the camera needs to be connected to an Internet router.

On top of this, the camera must be configured to allow remote access.

The benefits are great; while away from home you can immediately log into your cameras and ensure that nothing is wrong.

If you can see live footage from the camera then a mobile phone should be able to access the video feed as well.

Testing We’re testing access with two mobile phones, an Apple i Phone 3 and a ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco) running Android 2.2. All tests have been performed on a local Wi-Fi link, but the result will be the same over a 3G connection (albeit with slower image rates). Axis has always provided multiple options for displaying video footage, such as Java, server push and Active X components.

Basics Firstly, in order to view cameras with a mobile phone, there must be a connection to the camera.

If you are trying to view from the same location you should use a local Wi-Fi link, if available.

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