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My list would have been something like the below; I went over that conversation I had with my friend and wondered if I upset her? Well I would never stand there in the past trying to cover things up as there was nothing to cover up.

This is an easy one for anxiety to grab hold of as we feel far more sensitive than we normally would do and may look into things far too much. People had to act the way I thought they should or I would think I had done something wrong or they did not like me. I started to ask others who knew I suffered if they noticed how I felt and they said no, sometimes you may talk a little faster, but no we don’t notice.

This obviously helped as with less worry came less anxiety, the less I went over and over things, then the more open and flexible my mind was.

Having the right attitude helped in no longer let anxiety rule what I did and did not do.

Yes it took time to build up the perfect attitude and I would sometimes have a good cry or feel sorry for myself on a bad day, but the next day I was back out and not letting it dominate my life like it had.

Every habit can be changed as long as we understand that it wont happen overnight.

I kept checking in to see how I felt, having internal conversations to try and make sense of it all Again this is something the regular person on the street does not do, even if they had broken there finger they would not check in every few minutes to see how it felt.

Add that to an over active mind and we can feel tired and weary for no reason.

Understanding what was happening when I felt anxious and why I did, did far more for me than any other so called help that was thrown at me in the early days.

Once I understood far more, then I worried far less and stopped going over and over things whilst trying to continuously fix it.

The best thing I did was to do the jobs that needed doing and get out in the fresh air.

Lounging around feeling sorry for myself made me feel even more exhausted.

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