Gibson dating les paul

Numbers beginning with 99 will be from 1975, figures commencing with 00 will be from 1976, and figures beginning with 06 will be from 1977. Examine the back again for the stamped in 8 digit SN.

Should your Gibson Les Paul have an 8 digit SN stamped in the rear of the electric guitars headstock, you are in good fortune.

Such will help reduce down the actual year of production although not much otherwise, because they had been designated at the start of the manufacturing run. Discover the actual "brand" in the event the ink stamp is gone.

Through 1961 to 1969, Gibson made use of SN's that had been stamped within the wood, in no way inked on.

Since 1989, all Gibson acoustics are built in Bozeman, MT and all Gibson electrics are built in Nashville or Memphis.

Ranking numbers for Bozeman start each day at 001 and the electrics may start as low as the 300s.

Having said that, in case your electric guitar features a volute, an additional amount of wood at the bottom of the headstock added in for additional strength, your electric guitar dates out of 1975 or later. As soon as Gibson reintroduced the actual Les Paul in 68, the peghead ended up being bigger than the original's.

You may have to have a Gibson which has a identified date to match headstocks, however, if your own features a broader headstock that will narrow down the date into the 68-85 era, approximately.

Whatever the case, jot down the particular serial number. Through 1970 to 1975, little black colored labels that contain serial numbers had been positioned on the headstock backside of electric guitars.

The 1st digit will be the year of creation; the other digits will be the production number.

You can even look for a 2nd number on the headstock backside of guitars built earlier than 1961. The Factory Order Number will include in it, a letter, which will refer to the year, after which a 4 digit number then a 1 or alternatively 2 digit number.

These types of numbers do not actually stick to a pattern.

As an example, electric guitars designated up to 42440 will be from 61, however a guitar using the number 042400 will be from 67.

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