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Reno Hunter can be very strong because of all the value cards in this deck.The biggest problem with this deck is carddraw The mulligan: You always keep Reno Jackson against aggro classes like Hunter, Shaman or Paladin.It depends on what I'm against, for example if I'm against a class that relies on small minions like token druid I like to shoot for fire blast as it can efficiently deal with low HP minions without sacrificing my health, or if I'm in a match up that clearly is going to be going into fatigue I like to take the armor to surpass 30 and try to out last my opponent, or if I'm against something like a mage I like to muster out as much HP as possible while still being able to consistently deal damage, so druids hero power can do both, giving you an extra HP while still being able to deal damage to their face after having your board frozen and having ice block removed from flare, while the hunter hero power is arguably just as good against mage though I think the extra HP PLUS the damage works better for me, I could go on more about the best ones to use against different decks, but with experience you will learn which is best for the situation, which is why I generally like having sir finely in the deck as he offers lots of potential as a reward for selecting the best hero power in situational games, as sometimes the hunter "face" power isn't going to work well while playing a control archetype as your main goal Isn't to deal damage to the opponent, but to maintain control or last long enough until you can play the cards you need.I've tried Reno Hunter for a while before and after Ungoro was released but I never made it past rank 9, so I'll try your version. I am personally not a fan of the number of secrets with only one Mad Scientist in the deck, I kept feeling like my hand was getting clogged with situational secrets.

There are also relevant toolbox beasts (silence, taunt, poisonous, charge).As of now it currently is not posted but will be soon, and I will add his link as soon as possible.Because Zombie Chow has 1 more hp, it can in theory trade into more minions, I originally had mistress, but I find chow to be a much better early game card.I am not convinced anyone can climb ladder with this deck. I think if you're going to play a control/reno deck, play one of the stronger versions.Not that this deck is bad, but there are just way better options.

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