Java validating strings for digits

But now we also consider the The integrity constraints of a distributed app have to be checked both in model classes and in the underlying database, and possibly also in the UI.However this requirement for three-fold validation should not imply having to define the same constraints three times in three different languages: in Java, in SQL and in HTML5/Java Script.You can make a short method like this: Ok, I agree that the try/catch method would be the easiest and it is funny that someone mentioned that accounting for floats would add to the hassle.

The check digit is obtained by computing the sum of the non-check digits then computing 9 times that value modulo 10.

But floats should fail because 12.5 would be an invalid value.

So now once I get this value as a String(), I have to do the following: 1- Remove all whitespace 2- Test for non-numeric values 3- Somehow make sure that the value after the decimal is always a 0.

Regular Expression in Java to check numbers in String.

How can I check if one string contains another substring?

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