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In these added scenes to provide originality, however, it was obvious that Lance Guest was wearing a wig - to cover over the fact that he had cut his hair shorter by that time.] It told about robot-hunter Sgt. Ramsay (Tom Selleck) and his pretty rookie assistant Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes) - two cops assigned to stop 'runaway' robot attacks. As Paulie packed up to leave for remote Russia to accompany Rocky for training in his climactic fight against Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the distraught robot bid Paulie farewell, reminding him: “Did you pack your toothbrush?

After a flurry of near-fatal robot accidents, it was discovered that the robots were deliberately re-engineered with advanced new customized chips (with a tell-tale red mark). You know how tobacco stains your teeth," to which Paulie brashly replied: "Hey! " He then quipped: "I'm gonna have her wires tied when I get back." At the end of the film, the robot cared for young Rocky, Jr.

The increasingly-menacing and jealous Edgar developed interactivity and artificial intelligence after Miles (incorrectly called "Moles" by Edgar due to a set-up mis-spelling) doused champagne on the computer to prevent a heat buildup when its memory overloaded.

The computer cleverly became a Cyrano-type character, serenading Madeline by mimicking her cello-playing, and writing love songs for her.

Beta spent most of his time hiding under the blankets in bed, and began to have difficulty with the impersonation (and trying to fit in and be human with trailer park friends and family), especially with Alex's girlfriend Maggie (Catherine Mary Stewart) and her romantic advances.[Note: Many scenes with the Beta character were shot after main filming was completed. Tik-Tok was created in the workshop of Smith & Tinker, and required winding for three separate functions (thinking, speaking, and moving).

It was determined that test audiences wanted more of Beta's "fish out of water" comic relief. In this fourth film of the original franchise of five films, heavyweight champion boxer Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) bought a life-sized robot named Sico (voice of Robert Doornick) (with moving arms, an oblong head with blinking lights, a digital read-out, and a built-in stereo), and rollers for wheels.

When pursued by police, Samantha also picked up motorcycle gang punk-bully Carl (Andrew Roperto) with two hands above her head, and tossed him into the windshield of a police car. " However, "Eliminators" was a mis-nomer, although it rhymed with the blockbuster hit Terminator (1984).

In the story, trailer park-dwelling, teenaged Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) was an expert Starfighter video game player ("a record breaker") - a way to escape his ordinary real-world life. That's all right for America, but hardly what we need in the Department of Defense.Video/DVD Films Miscellaneous Theater Related Vocalists Footlight is now an internet store only! In this strange fantasy romantic comedy about an unusual love triangle, a home computer (manufactured by the fictitious Pinecone Computer Company) named Edgar (voice of Bud Cort), owned by nerdy San Franciscan architect Miles Harding (Lenny Von Dohlen), fell in love with his cello-playing upstairs neighbor girlfriend Madeline (Virginia Madsen).Later in the plot, evil, crochety, shotgun-wielding neighbor Elvira Parker (Anne Ramsey) killed Bee Bee with a blast.When Paul's next-door neighbor girlfriend Samantha Pringle (16 year-old Kristy Swanson in her first major role) suffered brain-death wounds from her abusive father Harry (Richard Marcus), Paul implanted Bee Bee's microchip into her brain to reanimate her.

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