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The arrival of the Polish King and his armies tipped the scales in favour of the European allies, leading them to victory in this battle and halting the Ottoman Empire’s advance into Europe.

Despite this, because Poland had been subjected to almost constant warfare during this century and had suffered massive damage to its economy, the Commonwealth fell once again into decline.

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Under Jagiello, Poland and Lithuania defeated the Teutonic Knights in 1410 at the Battle of Grunwald, greatly weakening the Order’s hold on the country.In 966, Duke Mieszko I of the Piast dynasty, a pagan and Poland's first recorded leader, converted to Christianity and this event is considered the birth of the Polish nation.The Slavic tribes that he united to form Poland consisted of around a million people.The 17 In 1683, under John III Sobieski, the King of Poland, the Commonwealth's military prowess was re-established.In 1687 Polish armies under John III Sobieski rode to the aid of Austrian and German armies in Vienna, who were fast losing their battle against the invading Ottoman army.

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