Single woman hong kong dating

In 2008, she said, her company had no women under 30 on the books.

Today, she said her client list included women in their early twenties.

Hong Kong’s 2011 Census showed 46.8 per cent of the male population aged 20 to 49, and 38.9 per cent or women in the same age range have never tied the knot.

Ms Yung at Date and Match said another change to her clientele was the age.

The 45-year-old architect recently received a phone call from her matchmaker, Rachael Chan, to ask why she had missed a dinner date with a 55-year-old property company executive. Instead of meeting with a potential partner, Miss Lee had been busy finalising a project in Japan.

The date had not even crossed her mind until she received a reminder on her smartphone through Whats App, the instant messaging app.

A basic package, which usually covers three dates, costs about HK,000, while a six- month premium package can be between HK,000 and HK0,000.

Some companies also offer a relatively cheaper, “passive” membership, which means the person can only go on a date when selected by another client.

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