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“The Primordial Violence” (Routledge, 2013) shows that the reasons parents hit those they love includes a lot more than just correcting misbehavior.

It provides evidence on the effect spanking has on children, and what can be done to end it.

The United Nations is asking all nations to prohibit spanking.

Never spanking will not only reduce the risk of delinquency and mental health problems, it also will bring to children the right to be free of physical attacks in the name of discipline, just as wives gained that human right a century and a quarter ago,” Straus says.

Right now it's the standard stuff: press releases, position papers on issues, photos, and some history. In the first months of the Bush administration, the site was slim pickin's also.

The New York Times's Elisabeth Bumiller did a story on the evolution of our site back in 2003.

Shortly after noon (EST), the brand new site appeared. President Obama ran an excellent e-campaign and his website was very user-friendly, as is this one.

Team to team Judging from the appearance of the new White House web site, it is apparent that the Obama new media team had some time to work on the new presentation. The site is attractive, modern looking, easy to navigate, free of clutter, and makes an excellent use of photos. Changes We've already seen some changes prior to the launch of the new site.

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And to be fair, the Clinton White House site was very advanced for the 1990s. Bloggy The fact that the Obama team has a prominent blog on the home page is great. Don't get me wrong, we had plenty of policy discussions.He made you feel like you were part of the campaign -- like you understood what they were doing. He didn't go to a studio and make a formal presentation. If they continue to do this (and why wouldn't they), they will continue to connect with average Americans.This type of communication is what's needed -- whether you voted for Obama or not.Moreover, the research clearly shows that the gains from spanking come at a big cost.These include weakening the tie between children and parents and increasing the probability that the child will hit other children and their parents and, as adults, hit a dating or marital partner.

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