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The River Bourne and its northern tributary, the Hale, Mill Bourne or Windle Brook run through the village.Chobham lost a large minority of its land to West End, in 1968, which has a higher population and was long associated with another parish.The Martin and Crawley families held them until the time when Mr Revel, M. The latter died in 1822, leaving the land to Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley, 10th Baronet, after which now reduced in area, it was acquired by the Le Marchant baronets.John Ardern held land in Chobham in 1331 and in 1540 this was held by John Danaster 'seized of the manor', baron of the Exchequer, his heiress daughter married a son of the wealthy Sir Edward Bray of Shere, a name later significant in local events and architecture.Chobham is a village and civil parish in the Borough of Surrey Heath in Surrey, England.

Five senior sides play league rugby from London 1 South (Level 6) through to the Surrey Foundation League.

The village lay within the Godley hundred, a Saxon administrative area.

Chobham appears in Domesday Book as Cebeham held by Chertsey Abbey, as it was at the time of the conquest, with interests also acquired by the time of its survey, 1086, by two minor Norman figures, possibly bishops, Corbelin and Odin. Its earliest parts date from about 1080 although there may have been an earlier church on the site.

Later they were restored, and in 1606 sold to Francis Leigh.

The Cope, Hale and Henn families held the lands until 1681. In 1758, his daughter and heiress married Sir George Warren, and in 1777 their daughter married Thomas Bulkeley, 7th Viscount Bulkeley.

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