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Now I’m kind of intimidating, 6’3”, and this girl is tiny. Her friends were already glaring at me, but the girl was making eyes at me. She accepted the drink, downed it quicker than any girl I’ve ever seen.She was asking me if I wanted to dance when I saw my bitch of an ex-girlfriend making her way over through the crowd.She had a great body; not much tits, but one hell of an ass, especially for a white girl.

It was the best graduation present I ever had and the first time he stuck four fingers in my pussy.

Before I knew it, she had her lips around my cock and was doing this thing with her tongue and lips…god, I’m getting hard just remembering it. I turned her around and bent her over an empty trash can.

Anyway, I’d had hookups before, but only a few were drunk, and none were in a back alley. I put my hand up her skirt and fingered he through her panties, but she was already sopping wet.

Finally he came into the condom and even though I was relieved, I still felt empty when he took his huge cock out.

But I wasn't as empty as I thought I was, because the condom he had on was still deep inside my fucking wet pussy.

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