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The most deceptive of WV practices is that "it's only 0 to start your own business"..I give them that.

BUT they don't really tell anyone that they PUSH you to the meetings, buy the tools, etc, etc to build it.

I was brought to a world ventures "pep rally" by a friend who told me i would love this.

Lmfao these responses are classic, I see that I'm not the only one who joined into this group with a bunch of assholes, I joined a few months ago and like a lot of the previous ppl on here said I wasn't told the whole truth .Most of the members talk mad shit about how much of a low life everyone is because they aren't apart of WV . So far they have taken 563 dollars Frm me and all I got is a bunch of dumb ass Facebook status's abt how awesome WV and how low everyone and everything else is . Oh and another thing they really expect u to be almost cult like, u have to run around like a chicken with ur head cut off actin like ur a millionaire because of WV .Who wants to be apart of such a ridiculing group of dickheads . I knew this was all fucked up when I realized how much these guys were stretching the truth eveytime it was presented . I will say this, I knew about the MLM culture before signing on.FB, etc, then you are left feeding WV to help you promote.I can't do that to my friends, family or even new aquaintances, new recruits.

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