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The mean-spirited and neurotic Davis was, she claims, emotionally cruel, and staged ‘suicides’ to punish her children — she adopted two others, a son and a disabled daughter — for perceived slights.When Bede was eight, she claims Davis pretended to take an overdose, locking herself in her bedroom.Distraught, the little girl slept outside her door, waking the next morning to find her mother staring down on her looking ‘triumphant’.She told her: ‘I hope that taught you a good lesson.’Bede claims her mother had been a 24-year-old virgin when she married first husband, Harmon Nelson, in 1932.Few took it seriously, least of all, one imagined, Bette Davis herself.But that assumption is misplaced, according to astonishing new allegations from the star’s only natural child, Barbara Hyman. D’ or ‘Bede’ — told me this week, her manipulative and hard-drinking mother Bette did indeed believe she was a witch, and would cast spells on her enemies from her bed.Even more dramatically, she also relates how one night, at Davis’s Beverly Hills mansion in 1984, she watched her mother go through occult rituals in a ‘last-ditch attempt’ to make Bede ‘run back to her’.Lying in bed, she says she suddenly felt tremendously scared.

Interestingly, there is nothing about witchcraft in Bede’s 1985 memoir, My Mother’s Keeper.

Not only that, she claims she once saw her mother transform into an ‘evil, demonic presence’.

Bede, now 70, is speaking out following publication of a book written by Davis’s former personal assistant in her later years that aims to rescue the star’s reputation — a reputation that has been repeatedly tarnished over the years by her estranged daughter.

As she locked the French doors to the terrace, Davis appeared on the balcony and rattled the doors.‘She began demonic cackling and I watched her transform into a Satanic figure — a Satanic face, long claws on the ends of her hands as she scraped at the glass,’ Bede said. Many will reject her jaw-dropping claims as self-delusion, borne of her born-again Christianity, or continued desperate attempts to ensure her mother’s reputation remains blackened.

Davis certainly paid a heavy price for falling out with her daughter, the product of her short-lived third marriage to artist William Sherry.

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