Will updating itunes erase my music

In this post, for fixing “i Phone not syncing with i Tunes” problem, we offer some basic tips, which we think would be helpful for the solving of some i Tunes sync problems in i OS 11.2/11.1/11 and i OS 10.

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If you need an alternative backup, you can make one in i Cloud and another in i Tunes.

Once the i OS device has been restarted, try syncing again. Try using Wi-Fi syncing instead to see if that works.

Yes restarting the computer can be annoying, but sometimes just restarting a Mac or PC is enough to resolve the problem and get things syncing again. USB syncing is usually the most reliable method, and it’s not terribly uncommon for wi-fi sync to be a bit more picky.

i Tunes Authorization basically tells Apple that the apps, music, and media you have purchased belong to you, and that you have the rights to them and thus that media can be copied and synced to your i OS devices.

If you encounter authorization specific problems related to the 5 device limit, you may need to deauthorize other machines before you are able to sync the i OS device with the current one.

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